Ship brokerage

We function as an intermediary between potential buyers and the selling party. After a thorough inspection, the ships are appraised by us, so you can be sure that you always pay the right price for the ship you want to purchase.

One of the many benefits of a good ship broker is that you don’t have to worry about the paperwork; we take this off your hands.

As an EMCI certified ship broker, we do not only mediate in the purchase and sale of existing ships. We can also provide you with the right advice for new construction inland and seagoing vessels.

Through years of experience of initiator J.H. (Jan) Ruijtenberg we are happy to guide you through the purchase and sale procedure during the purchase and sale of your (new-build) ship.

With our expertise and expert guidance we want to carry out our goal: ‘Realizing your wishes when purchasing a new-build or existing ship’.